I’m Achim Schneider, a Software Developer and tech enthusiast from Berlin. I’m interested in how technology interacts with society. And how it affects society towards the future. I try to improve on Blockchain, IOT and AI/Machine Learning Applications of tech.

Me, on climbing vacation in Siurana, Spain.

I work as a TypeScript and Blockchain Developer forParity Technologies. Before this, I worked as an OutSystems Low-Code Developer. Here I contributed to many rapid prototyping and POC use cases. And I’ve one year of experience working as an IT Consultant.

I created this Blog because I enjoy coding and I’m always keen about learning new things. And because I'm a fan of an approach called Learn in Public. I programmed it in TypeScript with Gatsby. I begun with a Gatsby Starter  and I am gradually transforming it into something which fits my custom needs and ideas.

I named it Coding Connects which relates to my talent of finding connections between different technologies. And applications of tech to fields that other persons haven’t seen before me. It is in a very early stage in which I try to work out my path towards what I believe is a good architecture for JavaScript/TypeScript Applications. I use concepts of functional and reactive programming to do this.

For the future, I plan to discuss connections and applications to my other interests. I might also pick up on political and environmental topics here. Hence, I will sort my posts in fundamental categories, where coding relates to the technical posts.

I hold a diploma in mathematical physics in Algebraic Quantum Field Theory, and I got a PhD in Mathematics while doing research on pseudo-differential equations on singular spaces.